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Wheel Alignment Service

At Tyre & Wheel we are licensed Front End Specialists. This means we specialise in Wheel Alignments beyond your regular in/out procedure. Our staff are highly trained, and use only the latest in alignment technology and equipment. We cater for all makes and models including the latest European cars. In addition (where applicable) our equipment is capable of resetting your onboard computer Steering Angle Sensor settings.

The wheel alignment procedure is critical for ensuring maximum tyre life and optimum steering and safety. Our technicians will measure and adjust the steering angles of your car based on the manufacturers’ target range of angles.

At Tyre & Wheel we offer 3 main types of Wheel Alignments;

Standard Front Wheel Alignment

Thrust Front Wheel Alignment

This method ensures that the front wheels are aligned to the centre line of the vehicle. However, because the front wheels are not referenced to the alignment of the rear wheels the steering wheel may be off centre.

For vehicles without any rear suspension adjustment, the front wheels are aligned to the thrust angle of the rear wheels, ensuring that the vehicle tracks straight and the steering wheel is centred.

Front & Rear Wheel Alignment

For vehicles with adjustable rear suspension, all four wheels are aligned to the geometric centre of the vehicle, ensuring that the vehicle tracks straight ahead and the steering wheel is centred.

We recommend a wheel alignment at least every 12 months for regular maintenance or earlier if you have had a hard hit to any of the wheels on your vehicle.

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