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Choosing the right 4WD tyre for the right application is critical for your motoring enjoyment. For those who spend 99% of their time on sealed roads we offer all the leading performance and original equipment tyre brands. For the rest of our customers looking for something a bit more aggressive and longer lasting, we are able to offer leading US made tyres like Cooper and Mickey Thomson.

At Tyre and Wheel we will match the best tyre package suitable for you and your SUV / 4WD.

In general tyres for SUV and 4WDs can be categorized under the following options;

On Road Tyres

In most cases your original equipment 4WD tyre will be predominantly for on road applications. These tyres are most suitable for general city and highway driving. They will offer the best on road safety and comfort for this type of driving. They will manage with basic offroad tracks like fire trails and will work well on the sand.

All Terrain Tyres

The All Terrain tyre offers the happy medium of good on road performance and impressive off road traction. The sidewall construction is generally stronger, providing good puncture resistance and longer wearing. This type of tyre is the perfect compromise for those drivers wanting a bit of both from their 4WD without the hassle of changing rubber every time they go off road.

Mud Tyres

The Mud Terrain tyre is for the real off road enthusiast. These tyres are designed specifically for off road use, with heavy construction and large lugs for optimum traction in the mud. Whilst you can still drive on the bitumen they are not a good long term option as you compromise on road performance and comfort.

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